Camille Grammer & Kelsey Grammer Sex Tape Exists?

Kelsey Grammer’s wife Camille Grammer allegedly wants to sell their “wild sex tapes.” Star magazine reports that Camille has the tapes and she may go public with them. Camille, a former Playboy model who has also appeared in erotic films, has no problem with showing skin on camera.

Kelsey and Camille were together for 14 years when Kelsey called her and said “I don’t want to be married anymore.” Kelsey no longer wanted to be married to Camille cause he was giving it to his mistress and now fiance Kayte Walsh. Kelsey is still married to Camille, but that didn’t stop him from proposing to his favorite home wrecker.

Star magazine reports, “Camille fully intends on staying a very rich woman. She wants a ton of money in the settlement.” The source added that Camille taunts Kelsey about having a lot of dirt on him.

“She’s so upset over him dumping her for [a] young flight attendant last summer – plus the fact that they’ve already gotten engaged – that she’s been dropping plenty of hints she’s ready and willing to embarrass him if he doesn’t give her a huge alimony payment,” this source added.

I don’t believe in revenge, but there are exceptions to every rule. Release those tapes Camille! I actually wanna see how Frasier gets down.