Broadway’s ‘Spider Man’ Actor Walking Following Back Surgery

Broadway actor Christopher Tierney is now walking after back surgery on Friday following Monday night’s 30 foot fall on the stage of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark‘.

The production’s director, Julie Taymor visited the actor in ICU Christmas Eve and his father tells the associated press that his son can’t wait to get back to the set and resume his role.

The actor sustained a hairline skull fracture, four broken ribs, cracks in three lumbar vertebrae, broken bones below the elbow, a bruised lung, and internal bleeding from the fall. Holy crap!! And he’s willing and looking forward to going back! What a trooper.

He is in the hospital until at least Monday after which he will receive rehab in New York.

His was the fourth accident on the set that people are referring to as cursed. Earlier in the month the lead actress sustained a concussion and prior to that two actors were seriously hurt during a flying stunt in the $65 Million production. The show is set to open in February.

We wish Christopher Tierney a speedy and complete recovery.